On Friday, November 2nd, the OpenWT team held a location meeting, which means that every office gather to share, learn, and get to know each other better.
On that day, we first had a collaborative workshop on our blueprint methodology, with a deep focus on the importance of creating a detailed persona and how to use the user journeys created according to the persona.
Then, we brainstormed on how new technologies like chatbots, artificial intelligence or data analysis could disrupt different industries.
Finally, we got to know all our new joiners, who told us short stories about themselves, what they like and who they are. One of the new joiners in Geneva, Camille Pinto, said that this event was "very interesting, especially the blueprint workshop part because it allowed all of us to really collaborate and see other milestones of project we as developers usually don't focus on, while getting to know other people from the team". Overall, we had a great time!
And while we wait for the next team event, here is a short video summary of the event:

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