This morning, the entire OpenWT team gathered in our Geneva office for our Company Meeting. 

After a nice breakfast to load up some strength and focus, we started the day with the company overview, presented by our CEO Frederic Weill.

OpenWT CEO Frederic Weill

He talked about the growth of the company, the plans for the future and the good and less good parts of what we do. We learned a lot on how we could improve even more our client's satisfaction, and discussed on how to accelerate and encourage more creativity in both our work and way of working. It was very interesting.

After that, we focused on different aspects of the company's well being like recruiting, sales, marketing and delivery. It was very interesting to see different aspects of our every day work life, and approach it with different angles. We even got a little challenge!

challenge time for openwt consulting

Indeed, we were grouped into small teams for a very exciting competition: we have until the next company meeting happening in December to create a small video to explain OpenWT! We can't wait to see what everyone comes up with, so stay tuned! 


Finally, we had a few project presentations, focused around what we did in healthcare. It educated us on the market of healthcare in Switzerland, and how it can really be empowered by digital transformation. If this subject interests you, you can check our latest industry paper on healthcare.

To conclude this morning of conference, we shared a very good Lebanese lunch provided by our colleague Elias. It was a day of sharing and learning, and we are already looking forward to the next one. 

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