Migrating your product from one technology stack to another is always challenging. It forces your company to ensure that from your development team to your service desk, the transition is well understood and the necessary skills are present.

Our client, the leading provider of in-flight internet solutions asked us to support them migrating the backbone of their core product from Ruby to Java in order to support their long-term IT strategy.


Leveraging both our technical and change management expertise, we helped our client focus on three main areas that would ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Maintain an optimal balance between the support of the existing solution and the development of the new one to ensure that clients do not feel the impact of the new project on their day to day operations. We also enforced a strong synergy between the teams developing both solutions, making sure that lessons learned are shared.
  2. Promote the devops role in the organization to break silos between the development and operation team, improve knowledge exchange and foster the collaboration.
  3. Shift the delivery model from waterfall six-months projects to small agile iterations. This was supported by setting up a continuous delivery software factory. 


In under a year we developed a new application on which half the plane fleet served by our client has been already migrated. This new platform is more resilient and will enable our client to interface seamlessly with third party application to create synergies and new products offering.

Moreover we helped them adopt a DevOps approach in their organization by breaking silos between the development and operation team, which resulted in higher quality and faster delivery of projects.