Our Client, one of the biggest Swiss Private Bank, ambitions to play a transformational role in the Digital Transformation of private banking. They have recently increased their online presence in multiple channels, including mobile applications, banking platforms and social media. Open Web Technology was tasked to capture relevant data and derive customer intelligence from our Client's analytics solutions across all their customer digital touch-points.


In order to reach this goal, the team at Open Web Technology applied a three step methodology:

1. Define the Objectives of Each Digital Touch-point and their KPIs
Each digital channel created by the bank has a specific purpose, whether it is to inform, connect, or engage customers. To fully understand how these channels perform, the indicators that are measured need to be tailored the purpose of the channel.

OpenWT, along with the Client’s key stakeholders, defined a series of objectives to be reached over the upcoming months, along with Key Performance Indicators used to monitor the progress on those objectives.

2. Analyse Collection Infrastructure and Processes
The key to reliable analytics data lies in the consolidation of measurements across all digital touch-points. It was therefore necessary to conduct a deep analysis of the systems used by our Client in order to identify where the necessary data could be found and how it could be retrieved and consolidated across all platforms.

OpenWT defined the collection infrastructure and processes necessary to assemble the data and interpret it.

3. Design an End-to-End Digital Dashboard
Correct visualization of KPIs is as important as being able to access the data itself. This includes choosing the correct tools to analyze the data, as well as display and communicate insights gained from it.

Using our experience in the field of analytics, we helped our Client define a comprehensive template and choose the right tools to implement an end-to-end digital dashboard, including all online interactions with the Client's customers.


In only a few weeks, we successfully defined a clear strategy to setup a comprehensive online analytic solution. With this information our Client can now assess the implementation of the platform, knowing exactly which tools and systems need to be integrated, what data they should be looking for and most importantly understanding the importance of this solution to their everyday business.