Setting up Sales and Support retail channels to offer Internet, Mobile, and IP TV - in three months


Our client, a major retailer in Switzerland, approached us with the intention to expand their existing online sales channel share for their Telco offering, including IP-TV, mobile, fixed telephony, broadband and a number of bundles, by at least 50%. This target was not only ambitious in scope, it also needed to be implemented within 3 months’ time, requiring us to architect, roll out and animate the entire cross-channel experience from discovery to checkout, keeping product delivery and lead times at a minimum.


Being confronted with an extremely tight deadline, we opted for an agile approach to delivering our solution, encompassing all aspects of the customer cross-channel experience: from discovery, over product selection up to purchase and use. In order to obtain a better understanding of requirements, we started off by benchmarking industry standards, researched the latest trends and developed the “ideal” customer journey. These insights would then be used to define our requirements and propose a set of functionalities which would need to feature in this new e-commerce website. After careful consideration of the options available, we decided to use Magento: a brand new e-commerce platform which would include all traditional features as well as a self-care section, which can be fully integrated with our client's ERP and CRM systems and processes.


Since launch of the new e-offering, we have been closely monitoring the site's usage and continuously improved every user step throughout the sales funnel, which meant a huge improvement to our client’s online operations, and eventually enabled them to reach their 50% goal.