Having experienced considerable growth over the past few years, our client, one of the largest private jet brokers in Switzerland, needed to bring their sales process to the next level to cater for their business needs. We identified two major stumbling blocks which were preventing them from functioning efficiently: Firstly, they had to execute too many manual processes unrelated to their core business. Secondly, they were still relying on a highly unstructured data infrastructure. On the flipside, they had a strong need to accelerate their sales pipeline, moving to a more streamlined process.


Having conducted an in-depth analysis of their infrastructure, we were able to identify the main bottlenecks preventing them from working efficiently: Despite using extremely powerful IT solutions they were failing to use them to their full potential, but also to integrate them in an effective manner. Based on the insights gained from our discovery work, we were able to present a concept enabling them to fully leverage the API, significantly reducing the number of tools in use, centralizing core data and automating tedious tasks. In the private jet business, each client is unique. Our main challenge here was to build a solution which would offer the right balance between structure and flexibility. Despite these constraints, we managed to achieve the above goals in only two months and delivered a solution that would:

  • Provide a framework for each sales process, guaranteeing the same level of quality to each and every customer
  • Automatically generate and send the key documents to clients in their native language
  • Enable our client's partners to collaborate and share key data
  • Integrate calendar and reminder functionalities, ensuring that no key milestones would be missed in the sales process


In a business where human relationship is key, our solution is a real game changer, simplifying our client's daily life significantly: They now own a powerful tool that is not only accelerating their business, but also guaranteeing a high level of excellence and helping them focus on their clients' needs. Another great example of how IT can have a direct impact on a clients’ business operations – making their lives easier and helping them concentrate on their core business.