Our Client, a leading international company operating in the agrochemical industry, approached us for support in defining their digital transformation strategy. This project was part of an on-going global re-branding process, which had for objective to "champion the digital space within the industry". As a result, the goals of this digital transformation were ambitious and included multiple interrelated streams which needed to be aligned and incorporated into the overall strategy.


Throughout a series of workshops with members of the global marketing team, Open Web Technology helped define and articulate a strategy to support our Client’s digital transformation.

In this process, we were quickly confronted with the exciting challenge that comes with reshaping a very traditional company through new technologies: Not only did this mean a technological change, it went even as far as shifting the company culture and redefining their core values, including organizational, financial and operational aspects. Having established some of the main global digital trends wearable devices, social media, and big data as our driving force, we designed an approach that would allow our Client bring value to their customers’ ecosystem and strengthen their sales and marketing capabilities.The main goal here was to become the first digital brand within a historically analog industry.

In order to build the foundations of this revolution we started with some simple yet critical projects: A new global website to promote the new brand and establish a trusted communication channel with customers, An enterprise knowledge sharing platform to digitize and consolidate the huge mass of internal knowledge, and a number of mobile apps, both for internal and external use, providing a new set of services to improve the relationship with customers, and to add value to their work.


Our digital strategy was one of the highlights of the internal presentation of the new global brand, serving as the first major proof point of its implementation. Open Web Technology assisted in creating and presenting the strategy, as well as in its execution throughout the early stages of the re-branding process. We specifically took on the role of steering and coordinating the development and launch of the global website, migrating from a totally decentralized infrastructure of more than 40 websites to a single online platform. This exciting task involved the alignment and coordination of trainings with more than 25 content teams around the world, followed by a number of website launches, of which not less than 20 went live simultaneously within the first 3 months.