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An industry leader enhancing its connection with its end-customers

Our Client, a leading provider of medical & dental equipment, is using third-party resellers to sell their products. This allowed them to rapidly globally expand and efficiently distribute their products in many countries. However, they did not have the appropriate channels and processes to retrieve the information about the end-customers. With data on less than 5% of their global clientele, our Client experiences difficulties to optimally target their products. To re-orient themselves to be more customer-centric, our Client launched several digital initiatives, including the creation of an application for dental hygienists and dentists, which comprised a majority of their end-customers.

Improving customer’s experience with an App

The new application provides the most important features related to products directly on the customer’s phone. Customers can register their products in single step with the in-built scan, instantly allowing them to consult related documentation, instruction videos, and identify genuine products from counterfeits. There is no longer no need to go through the website, as everything is available right in the palm of their hand.

Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with customers

To better serve their customers, our Client needs to first know who they are and where they are located. With the new app, our Client can identify their customers and provide them with direct communication channels. This reduces the time needed to respond to support requests and perform maintenances, and as well offer a more personalized experience for each user. In turn, our Client would be able to collect feedback directly from their end-customer to provide better products & services in the future.

"This App is positioning us as a digital leader in our industry and will help us grow faster!”

Client's head of marketing

Iterative journey

  • Interviewing end-users to understand their requirements
  • Designing & validating wireframes and mock-ups
  • Creating functional & technical specifications
  • Agile development on both Android & iOS
  • Launch apps to respective stores

Genuine Products
register product

Register your products with a simple step

All the company’s products will have a unique datamatrix engraved in them that users can scan to immediately register a product to one of their practices. It also gives them the guarantee that the product is genuine.


2 Apps

delivered on iOS and Android


3 Months

From project start to launch

digital ecosystem

1 Ecosystem

For the user between the website and apps

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