One vision: building the perfect working place

Our Client, a Swiss real-estate company, started the construction of the Millennium, an innovative office building. Their idea is to offer the best hospitality experience to their future residents based on a high-end service offering. They aim to become the most innovative and prestigious player on the market. They needed a partner to help them design a tailored digital solution to support the building’s service offering, to create a joint internal agile development factory and to support them in the development.

Shaping expectations: transform the vision into a concrete selection of functionalities to implement

The first challenge was to shape personas and user-journeys corresponding to residents of the building. Except that the building was not here yet, nor the residents. Together with the Client, we defined 5 typical profiles. From the vision of our Client, we shaped user-journeys of typical days in the premises for our profiles. We identified critical steps in the journey where to provide a value-added solution. It led us to the definition of the Functionality Matrix of the future solution. Functionalities were prioritized by the value they would bring to the users, which defined what would be part of the first version of the upcoming solution and the roadmap for the future.

Planning for success: design the user experience and chose the right architecture to build the solution

Our team of consultants, designers and software architects worked hand in hand to materialize the product. We created a prototype to give the look and feel to our Client of what the end-solution would be. Using an agile approach, we made several iterations of the design based on the feedback of our Client’s key stakeholders. In parallel, we engineered the technical aspect of the solution and designed a future-proof architecture based on micro-services. Our team created a clear roadmap from the design prototype and the architecture to develop the solution, including milestones and effort estimation.

The road to reality: set up an agile team and develop the solution

We assembled an agile team composed of internal and Client’s resources. OpenWT provided a team composed of Scrum Master, Business Analysts, Architects and designers. Our resources teamed up with the Client’s Product Owner (PO) and required frontend and backend developers. Together, we built a strong collaborative culture structured by the rules and processes of the Agile framework jointly defined. We leveraged OpenWT’s knowledge to set up a development factory to support the implementation and started to develop the solution.

Millennium is an ambitious innovative concept that requires a strong vision and daunting challenges to tackle. OpenWT immediately understood these challenges and helped us focus entirely on the outstanding end-to-end value we want to offer to our guests.

Martin Schlienger, Millennium CTO

Iterative Journey

  • Capture core needs through a blueprint

We innovated and identified functionalities to implement and produced wireframes, specifications, and a clear roadmap.


  • Create a high end solution with innovative user experience

Using latest technologies and UX practices, we created a slick, homogeneous PWA application bringing a new workspace experience.


  • Build an efficient Agile team and refine its processes

By using our strong experience, we created together with our Client a robust team with robust and Agile processes.



Weeks to conceptualize the complete high-end multi-services solution and roadmap



Micro-services to be integrated in the backend-end

Eine einzige Anwendung


Single application to access all services of the building

About Millennium

Focused on innovation, communication, design, environment and culture, the Millennium offers the best place to work. The Millennium is Switzerland's most prestigious and innovative building for working and sharing while feeling at home. Featuring elegant architecture and high-end services, working in the Millennium promotes interaction within the company and with clients.

Millennium's team mission is to serve you beyond your expectations. It offers the most advanced technologies at your finger tips. It brings the most advanced technologies to everyone. Always efficient, easy and secure to simplify your professional life.


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