Digitalisierung Einzelhandel

Obsolete and cumbersome processes

Today in Switzerland, many electronics retailers are selling ICT solutions in shops and online. In the shops, the staff still has to use several different IT systems and go through cumbersome and time consuming paper processes. The information management gets increasingly complex, and the procedure takes time. Both client and vendor are getting tired of those procedures.

A modern global point of sales solution

The legacy point of sales applications had to be replaced by a new, more modern and efficient solution. Open Web Technology was trusted with the conception, specification, development and roll-out of this new process.

We identified the need of two solutions: (i) a POS portal for the administration and agents as well as (ii) a mobile app covering all main use cases allowing to fully digitalize the sales process and get rid of paper to reduce significantly the agent's workload and error in data entry.

Iterative journey

  • We analysed the situation and spent time understanding the context
  • We defined the scope and functionalities of the two solutions
  • We created a backlog with those functionalities
  • Using an AGILE development methodology, we implemented the solution in two months only
  • We migrated all user information to the software, allowing agents to use it efficiently

User Management
access management

Identity & Access Management

The architecture of the new solution decoupled the Identity & Access Management (IAM) from the web application itself in order to easily integrate future point-of-sales touchpoints. This will allow our Client to expand their offering without having to worry about increasing the complexity of the technical layer.

Papierloser Prozess für den Einzelhandel


Paperless process

Arbeitsaufwand weniger gross und einfacher


Workload reduction

Schnellerer digitaler Przess


Faster process

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