A fraud-proof application for a challenging environment

Our client, a leader in the security industry, mandated OpenWT to develop two native applications and a web library allowing to prevent fraud on value documents with an authenticity seal and checker based on Blockchain. In a context where more and more pressure is put on governments, academic institutions, and health companies to certify their documents, this verifier application was much needed. To respond to these needs, our client has launched a breakthrough digital seal technology to issue and verify tamper-proof documents.

How we took advantage of the blockchain technology to verify documents

Based on state-of-the-art data privacy proof blockchain solution, we used a complex computation to verify the proof of the authenticity of a document, even offline. We developed three different applications: two native mobile applications for iOS and Android (including a custom reusable SDK for each) and a web library that can be embedded in any website. Thus, allowing third-party applications to verify documents using blockchain technology.
The performances and offline capabilities brought by the native technologies enable our client to verify documents even in low network situations.

Iterative Journey

  • A very short  1 week analysis
  • 4 weeks from implementation start to MVP launch
  • End-users's feedback gathering for continuous improvement
  • 3 codebases developed: 2 native applications and 1 web library

QR-code scanner
Authenticity report
Available for Android and iOS
scanning qr code

One-click verification of the documents

The main feature of the app is the one-click document verification, even when being offline, thanks to native technologies.



Weeks only to develop the MVP



Covid-19 tests secured by the verifier the first week



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