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When a 24/7 call center is not enough

When the coronavirus crisis exploded in Switzerland, the first step to help the population was to put a dedicated helpline into place. This allowed people to call the helpline to know if they need to talk to a doctor or not. When a person calls, the support team asks questions to triage the caller to low, middle or high risk, and will recommend the next steps, probably seeing your doctor or rest at home for a few days.
The problem with a call center is that when the demand is exponential, it becomes impossible to hire more and more people to keep up with this on-going demand. Also, having a 24/7 call center can be particularly hard to maintain with exponential demand.

We support it with an online triage and recommendation tool

Together with Medgate and the Federal Office of Public Health, we rapidly designed and developed an online triage and recommendation tool in less than two weeks to tackle the emergency.

Its goal is the same as the call center’s: triage people and help them figure out the next steps. Indeed, we created a tree of question, ranging from “how old are you” to “are you suffering from any chronic respiratory condition” for example, which helps people find out if they have a risk of being contaminated by the covid-19. If they have a risk, the website will explain what they should do to get better, for example "phone a doctor or health centre and tell them that you are at especially high risk and have symptoms. "

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You can follow the latest Swiss recommendation on the federal office of public health's website.

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By answering a series of questions, the user is rapidly informed on his level of risk regarding the disease, and also on the actions required at his stage.

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