Our client, an international sports organization, maintains and runs its own fleet of vehicles and pool of drivers in order to support the organization’s personal transportation needs within Switzerland. Historically, planning of trips and transportation management has been done via Excel dashboards and sheets manually transmitted to drivers.

Open Web Technology was approached to digitalize this process, implementing a modern and integrated back office application, as well as a mobile hybrid application for drivers, in order to manage transport requests coming from diverse entry points in real time and in an effective way.


Our team followed a 2 steps approach to design and implement the solution

  1. Design & Specifications: We discussed the current and the new expected processes with business stakeholders, in order to define the specifications, user experience and designs of both the back office application and the mobile application.
  2. Development and Integration: From these specificaitons our team of developers built a responsive back office website to manage transport requests, including an API allowing external third party applications to create and manage requests. Furthermore, we developed and launched a hybrid mobile application with a simple and intuitive interface, allowing drivers to easily manage their tasks, obtain an estimated travel time on a dynamic map, get information from third party websites (e.g. flight delays), and chat with the dispatcher.


In about 3 months, we successfully developed and deployed two brand new applications, greatly helping our client to plan and manage its transport requests, without any paper or sending of files. The dispatcher can now easily track drivers’ availability and assign trips to them, and drivers are better informed and synchronized in their daily life with a mobile application that can be used anywhere and anytime.