Our client, a leading telecommunications provider, faces a rapidly changing market. To maintain its competitiveness, our client was looking for alternative ways to deliver its online, customer-facing software.

Open Web Technology was approached to take over the development and maintenance of the selected software with the objective of reducing costs and time to market while ensuring the same high quality software delivery.


The considered software components were strongly embedded in the enterprise architecture; thus a comprehensive know-how of the industry, the organization and the technology was required to ensure the success of our mission. This was achieved in the four steps described below:

1. Transition Phase

First our experts performed a full audit of the existent architecture and organizational processes. Then they progressively took take over by closely working with the client’s team on development tasks and shifting these responsibilities over time. The transition phase ended after three months and included a large release.

2. Full responsibility

After acquiring the technical expertise, and building our internal network, our next challenge was to fully operate, maintain and evolve the application. Full responsibility meant that we were responsible of planning and mitigating dependencies with other teams in the organization, and an active influence on the organization’s architectural design development decisions, and daily operations.

3. Increasing efficiencies

After the first release, our team focused its efforts on reviewing architectural design to increase delivery efficiency. In other words, features were delivered more frequently and more transparently to stakeholders. Today, the delivery pipeline is optimized, and relationships between business, technical, and operational teams are further improved, or newly established. 

4. Ongoing project / Outlook

Now, the managed tools are reaching new levels of maturity. The client trusts us in starting the development of process automations, enabling them to save significant processing costs. Our team is now a full member of the technological organization, we are involved in strategic decisions, and great progress was achieved, at significantly reduced costs.


Thanks to Open Web Technology, our Client managed to decrease development and maintenance costs, while guaranteeing progress in strategic innovations, like process automation. As a trusted partner we increased delivery efficiency without losing code quality. Our team is now a valuable member of the technology and innovation organization.