Anwendungsmodernisierung von Lotus Notes zu Microsoft

Bring confort to users by upgrading from an obsolete technology to an industry standard

Our client, the State of Vaud, started using Microsoft Exchange for emails and calendars. They needed to migrate all their applications and collaborators to the new solution. The Ordre Judiciaire Vaudois (OJV) could not migrate due to a legacy application used since 2001. Based on the Domino/Lotus Notes platform, it was used to schedule all hearings of the Vaud judiciary. This application coordinates the hearings’ schedule of approximately 70 magistrates on 60’000 cases among the 33 judicial authorities and offices spread throughout the Canton. 

OpenWT was mandated to design and implement a solution guaranteeing the same functionalities of the legacy AUDI application but working with MS Exchange. We took it as an opportunity to completely reshape the user experience, with a powerful and intuitive interface. All that while remaining compliant with the high-security standards of the State of Vaud. 

A new Web application for the hearings’ management

To fully understand our client’s business needs, we started the project with a short analysis phase. We first explored and understood the current solution to map its essential functionalities. We defined personas and user-journeys based on our observations and validated them with the Client. Once the functional scope of the solution was well defined, we started designing the new solution that would take the form of a web application. Together with the Client, we validated each screen and business flow of the application, fixing some inefficient flows that were enforced by the limitation of the old software.

New challenges
Preparing the future
Data migration

A well-rounded and challenge-seeking team

During the development phase of the new solution, our Client realized that they would need to be able to integrate Microsoft Exchange Calendar with more than just the hearings’ application. They asked us to create a specific API capable of sourcing the data from Microsoft Exchange. Our technical team took the challenge and started a second development stream in parallel of the original eAUDI stream

Iterative Journey

  • A blueprint phase of two weeks of analysis, to review the scope of the project, align all parties around the business needs and to design the new hearings’ application
  • A development phase of eight weeks simultaneously with the creation of a dedicated API
  • A data migration spanned over 6 months to guarantee an uninterrupted business process for the users



Offices migrated from Lotus Notes to MS Exchange

Behandelte Fälle


Cases handled using the new application



Days of business interruption

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