Our client - a global insurance group - wants to derive (significantly more) value from the multi-channel data accumulated by numerous touch points, ranging from online traffic acquisition to offline deal closing. Our challenge was to invent and deploy around the world a scalable solution capable of (i) aggregating and reconciling online marketing campaigns data and customer behavioral analytics (web and mobile) with CRM data (call-centers and physical stores), and (ii) deriving real-time advanced conversion and segmentation intelligence.


We contributed to the design of the solution and identified the various IT vendors able to deliver the technological building blocks. In parallel, we organized a significant evangelizing effort across all subsidiaries worldwide. Once the appropriate technologies were selected and assembled, we designed and rolled out a streamlined deployment process for both the initial set-up and the on-going operations of the solution, and we assembled the skills and the organization required for its on-going management and evolution. We managed the testing phase and roll-out of the solution with the Japanese subsidiary.