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Consolidate the patient demographics across separate hospital, financial and administrative systems

Every day more than 200 patients are welcomed in the hospital for urgent case and more than 100 new patients are hospitalized. Each time, the admission desks must register the patient and check his demographic data (name, address, phone number, marital status, insurance).

These data are crucial to verify the identity of the patient and to invoice the cares but often the patient himself is not able to provide the right and updated data (i.e level of insurance, marital name…).

Maintain accurate and consistent patient demographics

With the new portal “Admissions Patient”, our client can easily compare its patient demographics with records from public facilities (RCPers, UCI, OFAC). Differences are highlighted to get the most complete picture possible with confidence.

With the portal, I can cross-check the patient demographics with trusted federal systems

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Iterative Journey

  • Investigate needs by interviewing admission desks.
  • Formalize ideas and build a click-on prototype
  • Develop the portal


Search a patient

Users can search by various methods, including AVS number and Name



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