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Up-to-date customer information for everyone in the company

PSP Swiss Property is one of the leading Swiss property companies with real estate in prime locations in the most important economic centers in the country. If a property was vacant or if a prospect wanted to rent a new office, PSP had no consolidated overview of the current vacancies or the needs of existing tenants. It could also be that the branch offices showed the same property to several interested parties without knowing about it.

Matching customer requests with available properties

The new app 'PSP Insight' offers just that: a central hub for all customer inquiries and information about existing real estate. The app provides easy access to all data across all devices and supports PSP employees at every step of the rental process. No excel lists, no time-consuming search for plans and no more internal agreements on vacancies. The latest version of the app shows all due dates in order to proactively indicate imminent vacancies in the future.

Florence Leemann, PSP

“PSP Insight has greatly improved the communication in the company. The transparency of the data promotes the exchange among the employees and brings us faster and better contract conclusions.”

Florence Leemann, Digital Project Manager, PSP Swiss Property

Iterative journey

  • Co-creation workshops to develop the new rental process
  • Definition of the main features of the new app
  • Blueprint requirements gathering in a product backlog
  • Interactive prototypes deliveries to the client at the end of each sprint
  • Implementation and roll-out of an app with a 360 ° view of their customers and property data, including transparent access and monitoring of current rental requests

Due Dates
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Inquiries, mandates and customers at a glance

The main page shows all inquiries of the interested parties with details of the type of property, the size of it, the date of the lease start, etc. to give a clear overview to the sales people



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of the closings supported by the app



less coordination effort

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