OpenWT supported Wingo in the implementation of a new online telecom operator offering internet, TV, and fixed telephony services within only 2 months. Following an agile approach, OpenWT worked in close collaboration with Wingo’s business and technical teams to define the requirements and deliver a new responsive website, sales funnel and self-care area, integrating all required backend systems and processes. After a large Switzerland-wide teasing campaign, the brand and product were successfully launched.

Wingo, as a company, was founded by Swisscom to explore new opportunities in the telecommunication market. It has been in charge of managing third-brand offerings including DSL internet and telephony. Since 2012, OpenWT has been a key business partner of Wingo by supporting the development of the company and its products along with its online and offline selling channels.


Launch of a new online-only brand and offering in only two months

In early 2015, Swisscom took the decision to develop the company further by launching Wingo as a new brand in the fast-moving Swiss telecommunications market. The main objective of the brand was to appeal to the young urban population by proposing a comprehensive service offering (Triple-play: Internet, TV, and Telephony) available exclusively online. To accompany Wingo in delivering the project, OpenWT was again chosen as one of the preferred partners.

During the first joint meetings and workshops, it was clear that the project would be a race against time. In order to keep up with Swisscom objectives, the project team was given only two months to launch the new brand and products and build the supporting online platforms. New complex business processes had to be implemented at the same time as delivering cultural change and education.

Executing the launch of this new online-only offering in the telecommunications industry in under two months meant stretching as far as possible the technical, business and cultural boundaries of this industry. 

Entrepreneurial attitude and agile approach

Fortunately for the project, Swisscom and Wingo had the right mindset and strong top-management support to deliver this digital initiative in a lean and agile manner by leveraging existing investments and technologies. The project is one more step in the digital transformation of these companies, OpenWT could count on the right stakeholders to provide the required input to shorten time to market.

Following an agile approach, OpenWT worked in close collaboration with business and technical teams to define the requirements of the new website, sales funnel and self-care area. By creating mock-up prototypes in the early stages to validate the final user experience, consensus could rapidly by reached in building an online customer experience tailored to the young urban segment.



Website : mobile first experience

In order to design the user experience, OpenWT focused on the key characteristics of the product. As the offer is online only, a mobile first experience was implemented, where the visitor could see everything at a glance, with the right content in the right place to increase usability and Search Engine Optimization.

Sales funnel : make it quick and easy

By designing a completely new sales funnel, OpenWT reduced all unnecessary steps in the checkout process – from the availability test to the order confirmation – making it quick and easy for a visitor to order a product. The process required 3 times fewer clicks when compared to other similar products.

Self-care: do everything online

As an online-only product targeted to digital natives, customers expect more than just a telephone number to call for support. Hence, a self-care area was implemented by OpenWT where customers can track their orders, activate or upgrade their service as well as follow their usage and billing, entirely and exclusively online.

One of the largest teasing campaigns for telecommunications in Switzerland

The launch of the brand featured one of the largest teasing campaigns for telecommunications in Switzerland. OpenWT supported the external agency in charge of this marketing campaign by coordinating IT and online teams in order to meet the tight deadlines set with the campaign while reaching the maximum number of target customers and achieving the highest impact from it.


Delivering a new telecommunications service with a fully responsive e-commerce website in less than 60 days was only possible with the correct preparation, close coordination and support from the stakeholders. Another crucial factor was the ability to put in place the right team with multi-competencies in consulting, project management, UX design, development, subject-matter experts and change management. The joint project team always kept the goal in sight and was flexible enough to know when and how to adapt.

We believe that the Wingo brand is set for success in the digital age. OpenWT will continue collaborating with Swisscom and Wingo to unlock the full potential of the new brand and support its evolution with ambitious objectives in mind.