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Streamline the hospital service portfolio

Satisfaction surveys were sent to all independent doctors in the canton of Vaud. The general management of the University Hospital has taken a close look at the services they provide and the requests of the doctors they treat. For the hospital, it is a question of determining which requests could be digitized to streamline requests and relieve the administrative staff of the hospital services.

The aim is to improve the quality of service by responding to doctors' requests within 24 hours and to track medical opinion and hospital’s responsibility. The requests from doctors which do not go through an official channel represent a huge lost revenue per year for the hospital.

Reduce the administrative burden to focus on patients

 No more faxes, no more secretariats closing at 4pm, no more searching for the right hospital department number. The new portal for the private doctors in the canton de Vaud can request a document, a consultancy and a hospitalization, and even a second medical opinion by filling the symptom of their patients. A transparent service, easy-to-use and available 24/7.

"With the portal, I am sure that my request arrives at the right department and the right doctor at the hospital. I feel reassured and so do my patients!"

Generalist doctor

Iterative Journey

  • Investigate needs by interviewing independent doctors.
  • Identify doctor’ painpoints and expectations.
  • Formalize ideas and build a click-on prototype
  • Gather feedbacks and adjust the service.
  • Propose a development roadmap and planning

Identify the patient
Track demands
research a department

Research a department

On behalf of the patient, the doctor can request an appointment and search the adequate hospital department by searching per service name, doctor and even symptoms. All practical details of the department are displayed including the location, opening hours and direct phone number.



digitalized requests per doctor per year



yearly ROI


3'000 +

end users

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