Our Client – a leading European Telco – had decided to transform its business with a radical and rapid shift to the online channel, but it was struggling to find the right combination of online competency and leadership to effectively implement the change and develop a culture of online. In this context, Open Web Technology was asked to provide the skills and experience to structure the online competency, to define and deliver a project roadmap in line with the business goals of our Client, and to initiate the process and organizational changes needed to support the online channel.


By taking a leadership role within the organization of our Client, tactical and strategic priorities have been defined and an effective approach has been implemented to initiate the transformation while setting up a new organization for the online channel:

  • Tactical priorities have been defined to lay a solid foundation for the operationalization of the online channel
  • Strategic priorities have been defined to permit an effective channel shift to the online channel
  • Organization and processes have been adapted to sustain the pace of the transformation, establish a culture of online and scale up online operations