Cyber digital administration

The growing usage of mobile phones

Because more and more people are only using mobile phones to access their services, our client, a leader cyber-administration platform in Switzerland wants to provide mobile app features to its users.

A website with superpowers that looks like an app

Offline and low network capable, push notifications, geolocation, camera, fingerprint authentication, are features frequently used in our favorite mobile apps. Our client requests to benefit from these mobile device features as well on their website! Is that even possible? To figure it out we built a website as a proof of concept that would include all these features. It's called a Progressive Web Application.

Many benefits and much more to come

Based on W3C standards the website we built has mobile app like capabilities. We don't rely on a store like the App Store or the Play Store, this allows us to deploy faster and simpler, the same goes for development where we can spare some costs. Some features are not available to all mobile phones, yet standardization is moving at a high speed and should bring these features to all devices in a near future.

Push notifications
Offline mode
push notification

Web push notifications

Push notification have always been a feature of mobile applications and now they made their way to the standardized web. It is a huge improvement to reconnect with your users

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