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Beyond identifying your business specifications, needs and requirements, past the design of a unique digital solution tailored to your demand, it is time to start the realization. Open Web Technology offers an exceptional panel of specialists and competences to fulfill your missions of development and implementation. From this moment, we prove that our recommendations and concepts succeed in confrontation with the project development reality.

Great strategy only has an interest, if it is applicable and impacts positively your company. We believe not only in producing neat presentations and strategic proposition, but more importantly in their realization and implementation. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in Project Management across various industries, our experts will help you in that process. Our full service capabilities include ecommerce concept definitions and sales funnel developments, user centric design, architecture design, development, digital marketing, integration, hosting and support.

Initiate the digital

Once your digital strategy is clearly defined, our goal is to help you take the leap towards change. Digital transformation is a progressive and incremental process. We believe in a flexible and step-by-step approach of development and process, where the customer experience is at the center of our methodology. That is why Open Web Technology’s team works according to the AGILE methodology: we segment important technical solutions in a series of very well specified tasks that will be delivered week after week – corresponding to the agreed timeline. This has been the key to 800 successful projects that our team has already delivered and continues to deliver.

Deliver the founding

For you, we realize robust and sustainable results by respecting your digital roadmap and placing the foundation of your digital entity. Some examples of solutions that we developed in a 3- to 6-month timeframe:

Empowerment and sustainable development

Once the foundations are correctly established, Open Web Technology works together with you on the adoption of your newly acquired capacities. Our aim is to progressively let our customers take a full control of these new technologies and maintain an up-to-date product for their clients, independently or through strategic partnerships. This can lead to several activities and services, according to your needs:

  • Building the right digital skills (in-house or through strategic partnerships).
  • Adapting your business processes.
  • Promoting the emergence of a digital community within the organization.
  • Creating a digital ecosystem with external partners and innovative start-ups.
  • Providing ad-interim experts to fulfill an immediate need in your digital organization.