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Looking how to exploit your marketing possibilities? We develop for our clients tailormade marketing strategies to enhance business growth through digital channels
  • Our team of digital marketing experts and consultants supports our clients to fully exploit their digital marketing potential in a world that is moving fast. With creative online marketing strategies and innovative digital solutions, we help to create unique digital experiences for your users.

Identify your customers’ profile

Our digital marketing consultants help you identify your target customers, their journeys and personas, by outlining the different online behaviours and user habits, specific to your industry. We are able to propose a list of web-oriented metrics and data analysis methods to ensure a genuine understanding of the evolution of your online presence and subtle changes in your customers’ needs. Ultimately you will be able to observe the progression in the achievement of your goals and strategy.

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Building your presence and driving conversions

Visibility and awareness are essential to a successful company. Our experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing campaigns (SEA) follow the constant developments and changes in search engines, social networks and advertisement trends, to continuously propose sharp and State-of-the-Art strategies. We help you drive awareness, traffic and conversions through the practice of community management, social-, display- and text-ads promotion, code sanitization and wording optimization.


Beyond the marketing experience

Open Web Technology digital marketing does not stop at the classic approaches: we design tailor-made business models for our clients and develop new opportunities combining digital insights with integrated customer experience. Thanks to a deep understanding of digital technology and a visionary perspective on the complete approach of digital strategy, our developers design new e-commerce and mobile solutions to keep clients competitive, across industries and in a fast changing environment.