In 2020, the digitalization of the Swiss healthcare industry will hit a major milestone. By spring, the Electronic Patient Dossier, containing citizens’ medical data, shall be in use, as planned by the federal health strategy 2020.

But this major improvement must not hide the fact that the industry is lagging in terms of digitalization, compared to sectors such as banking, insurance or retail. We have identified three main reasons: lack of know-how and resources, regulatory oversight and change management.

Over the past years, Open Web Technology has been helping healthcare professionals overcome these challenges thanks to a step-by-step methodology. Our teams successfully delivered more than 30 projects to enhance patient experience, streamline processes and build better and safer collaboration, as showcased in a selection of cases.

More recently, our research and interactions with industry players revealed that tremendous opportunities are to come, as disrupting technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming more mature. We compiled for you an overview of key numbers and promising applications in a dedicated infographic.

We hope to inspire our readers with this dossier, no matter where they are in their digital transformation journey. Our team is looking forward to bringing exciting projects to life soon.

Because the future awaits, but not for long.

Setting the stage

In this infographic, we provide our readers with key definitions and numbers. We also highlight inspiring applications of trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 3D Printing and Augmented Reality.


Digital technologies are reshaping the healthcare industry, creating new business opportunities, improving relationship with patients, streamlining processes and enhancing collaboration:

Personalized and on-demand medical services

Creating organs, prosthetics, drugs, etc. at a lower cost thanks to 3D-printing

Preventive diagnosis

Wearing technology to track lifestyle and/or vital signs. Received data can be used for disease's risk factor recognition, or reduction of health plans with IoT

Services automation

Lowering the costs of medical care, operations and more generally medical services. Care delivery and administration become seamless thanks to AI, robotics and IoT

Digital patient data management

Managing a growing mass of customer data responsibly and ethically without outweighing privacy protection with Blockchain

Digital transformation in practice

Many CEOs and COOs dream of transforming paper-based, cumbersome operations to digitalized, streamlined processes. Open Web Technology helped a group of clinics in Switzerland making this transformation happen in less than a year.


While the technologies are becoming mature, and the incentives to digitalize the healthcare industry are clear, there are still challenges to be considered, as for any market disruption:

Know-how and resources:

  • Technological debt
  • Try & learn approach, agility
  • IT budget

Regulatory oversight:

  • Data taxonomy (e.g. TARMED)
  • Patient Data (e.g. Electronic Patient Dossier)
  • Data governance (e.g. GDPR)

Change management:

  • New way of working & interacting
  • Robotization threat
  • Patients' tech-savviness

Our opinion

"The Swiss healthcare sector, including clinics, is facing 4 main challenges: meet patients' growing expectations, attract & retain doctors, increase productivity and adapt to changing regulations. Digitization can either be seen as a fifth challenge, or as a solution to all of them.” — Paul de La Rochefoucauld, Partner at Open Web Technology

Projects & impacts

Open Web Technology provides you both with the necessary skills and people to make sure your digitization journey is successful. From a digital strategy definition to the development and the associated change management, we serve numerous clients in the field, from nonprofit organizations, to medical device manufacturers, clinics and hospitals.

Discover how we helped our clients in their journey throughout our 6 project types:

Digital strategy

Digital technologies challenge health insurers' historical business structure. We helped an international player review its digital touchpoint strategy, as well as define an actionable roadmap to enhance client experience on digital channels. + 80% of customers adoption rate for the recommended touchpoints 3 roadmaps of projects for the top 3 digital channels identified by the research
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Hundreds of people rely each year on organ transplantations to recover from diseases or accidents. We supported the digitalization of the Federal Office of Public Health and SwissTransplant for a more efficient and transparent organ allocation process. 1'000+ of organs donors and receivers matched in 1 month through the platform 15 medical institutions using the platform
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In the digital era, patients expect to have all their medical information at their hands, anytime and anywhere. We supported the leading Swiss telemedicine provider in designing and developing a native mobile application integrated in their CRM to provide new digital services to their customers. 20'000 new users since the launch of the application 3'000+ appointments booked within the last 6 months
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Change management

Paper-based processes are time consuming and error-prone, but collaborators are not always willing to change their routine. We helped a group of clinics digitize its billing process and guided internal teams in the adoption of the new application. 5 FTE free-up due to streamlined processes 100% reduction of paper use
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Legacy IT systems prevent health institutions in their quest for quality and efficiency. We helped a Swiss university hospital in the modernization of one of its core applications managing drugs. 8'000+ pharmaceutical specialities registered in the application 10 medical institutions using the application
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Digital marketing

People want to make careful choices for their health, including for sport, food or therapies. We supported Atupri in launching a healthy living digital campaign and developing a microsite to sensitize their clients. 241% more traffic at the end of the campaign versus the same period the previous year 1/3 of all the campaign sessions originated from the microsite
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