Security improvement biggest Swiss multinational

Out-dated physical accesses management systems

For key worldwide economic players, physical security is one of the main concerns of the company. It is not to be taken lightly, but with almost 500 sites in the world, it can easily become dreadful. Our client, one of the largest multinational in Switzerland, used several access solutions to manage physical accesses of more than 10'000 employees and numerous visitors. However, on top of being expensive, those multiple solutions were getting old and hard to maintain.

Rationalized user facing applications with improved security and added value service

Time had come for a change, and this is where Open Web Technology has a role. We rationalized all the user facing applications part of the badge management and physical access ecosystem, while providing unified and standardized underlying services for other solutions, such as restaurant payments, bike rental or fitness and parking accesses. Unlike the previous solutions, the new application enforces the global security guide lines, while increasing the users’ efficiency with a cleaner interface and automatized processes.

"This new platform with state of the art technologies reduces conciderably the support and maintenance effort, while being a true enabler for solutions to come."

Talal Dib, Operations and Application Development Lead

Iterative journey

  • Analysis of the existing systems and conducting workshops to identify new functionalities
  • Blueprint with design and user experience validation with the business team
  • Agile SCRUM development methodology with bi-weekly user testing
  • Automated system integrations and end-to-end testing
  • Incremental on-site solution deployment with trainings and technical support

create badge and give access

Take the profile picture, print badge and give access all from one interface

The web-application seamlessly communicates with the necessary hardware to create professional highly secured badges in less than a minute. Thanks to the single-sign-on (SSO) identifier, users can only assign the access rights for which they are authorized.

3x faster badge creation


faster badge creation

2x less support tickets


less support tickets

50% lower maintenance costs


lower maintenance costs

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Frederic Weill

Managing Partner and Founder

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