As every year, Swisscom published their paper on digital trends to expect in Switzerland in 2019.

This year, the paper is about Data, and how it can help companies grow if used intelligently. The introduction focuses on what digitalisation really is like in practice, and is followed by a deeper analyses of 6 subjects:

  1. Establishment of digital ecosystems
  2. Automation of business processes
  3. Networking of products and plants
  4. Flexibilization of corporate IT
  5. Protection of data
  6. Greater customer proximity

Talking about greater customer proximity, it is something dear to our hearts at OpenWT. That is why Pascal Chatelain, director of our Zurich office, participated to the paper. He informs readers about how successful a digital transformation can be when you work close to the client, with clear objectives that can be attained by creating smaller projects of 3 to 4 months.

Interested about the subject? Download the paper! And read our digital transformation cases to see how we achieve great goals by working step by step with our clients.

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