At OpenWT, we foster entrepreneurship and cultivate a collaborative environment that encourages us to push beyond our limits. This is also true in the new year as we hosted an internal hackathon in January.


The Challenge

We chose a challenge that could not be more current.

  1. Build a web platform to enable vaccination of more than 6 million people.
    1. Design a web platform where people can sign up and register to be vaccinated.
    2. With this data, the potential client organization should be able to triage registered people, starting with those most at risk.
    3. The platform should inform the registered persons about time, date, and process of vaccination.
  2. Development of a digital vaccination passport.
    1. Ideally, people who have been vaccinated should be able to provide a digital proof of vaccination (e.g., to enter a risk area like a hospital, board a plane).


The Process and Solutions

In just one and a half days, our teams designed and developed three great solutions that stood out for their innovation, feasibility, and quality.

To get there, they first used blueprint methods such as interviews, process design and Figma prototyping. In a second and final step, they implemented the findings and prototypes using programming languages such as Angular or Kotlin.

Here is a demo of one of the solutions, a mobile-first web app that allows the patient to create an account, book an appointment and show the received certificate after the vaccination:

What is next?

Our organizers and participants found the hackathon to be a great and learning experience and are already looking forward to the next edition, after COVID-19 hopefully all together again in one place!


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