Yesterday, we held a company meeting in our Geneva office, where all the colleagues from Geneva, Zurich and EPFL campus gathered for the afternoon.


After the traditional presentation on the state of the union, each team presented their target for the year:

  • Human resources: always looking to hire new talents and for opportunities to party!
  • Delivery: new ideas to refine our processes and keep quality at maximum level
  • Infrastructure: new machines and software on their way, yay!
  • Marketing: preparing some exciting campaigns this year... 
  • Creativity: creating great opportunities to foster OpenWT's innovation spirit.

After those presentations, it was time for a workshop. The challenge: 1 hour to build three airports... using legos! The goal of this fun activity was in fact to gather everyone around a common target, to review our understanding of the SCRUM methodology. A great way for newbies to apply the concept for the first time, and for old sea wolves to pass on their experience in a informal context.

airport lego scrum

The day was both explanatory and entertaining, and we are all already looking forward to gathering again at our next company meeting!

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