OpenWT's traditional end-of-year event was special this year, combining new-joiners ramp-up, state of the union, and a festive Christmas party in the heart of Lausanne!

Last Thursday, new joiners from all our offices gathered in Lausanne. There, we presented OpenWT's vision and made workshops focused on applying OpenWT's methodology. In the afternoon, all open-webbers gathered in a conference room at Université de Lausanne (UNIL) for the end-of-year meeting. On the menu: State of the Union, 2019 objectives and presentation of our latest and fanciest projects!

Talking about the menu, everyone then met a the bar & restaurant le Bleu Lézard in the city center. Secret Santas exchanged (sometimes quirky!) gifts, and all had a good time sharing good food and beverages. The most courageous, caught in the heat of the night, continued dancing until the bar eventually closed...

Surprisingly enough, everyone was back to the office the next day, some requiring a bit more aspirin than others. (that's part of our secret sauce, but hush-hush, nobody knows!)


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