Today, we inaugurated our new office space in Geneva, with a brand new cafeteria, relax area and focus room! The celebration was nice, but the reason for partying is even cooler!

Our team is growing fast, hence the need for bigger offices. With this new space, we thought about not only extending but also improving the workplace. Yes, we needed more space to work: we now have two additional new project rooms as well as two meeting rooms. But the team needed more than just more space to work! So in this new office, we also focused on what being a team meant: spending time together. This is why we now have a big cafeteria in the very middle of our office! 

And as much as being a team is awesome, we all sometimes need some time alone to focus or relax for a minute. We now have the opportunity to do so in both our relax room ment for short peaceful resourcing moments and our focus room ment for strong concentration! 

Those new offices will be perfect for the next projects we will work on! 

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