To best support our clients' demand, we are always developing our office in Da Nang. With more than ten new joiners this year, we had to find a new office, bigger and better!

That is why last month, our entire Da Nang team moved in the city center in a new office twice bigger as the one they left behind. We can now support over 50 people! We also now have many meeting rooms, one named Lolo in honour of our head of Development. 

new offshore office

The atmosphere of the new office is very modern and chill, with a view on the park and very close to the river banks. The team is very happy about this change.

To best welcome the move, we held a traditional inauguration party. To bring good luck and fortune to this new chapter, a lion dance (traditional dance in Asian countries in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume) was organised, with musicians.

traditional lion dance and musician

After the lion dance, we cut the ribbon to inaugurate officially the new office. Our CEO did the trip for this ceremony, and together with the heads of the office, they cut they opened a new chapter in our offshore history!

cutting ribbon

We are all very excited about this new office space, and look forward to collaborating on different clients' projects.

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