The Swisscom Dialogue Experience is an opportunity for 300 Swisscom clients to discover the behind-the-scene of digital transformation. This session was focused on how data can drive new added-value business.

More than 90 clients attended the arena “App- Employees: the new collaboration space?”, presented by Paul de La Rochefoucauld, partner at OpenWT, and Marie Donnet, HR project manager at Swiss Medical Network.

Paul de La Rochefoucauld on the employee app

They discovered how the mobile app improves the productivity and the engagement of the 3’000 employees and how it is a secure, fun and innovative communication space that breaks organizational silos and unites teams. The functionality “Rate a peer” has particularly raised questions to the public, concerned that feedback from colleagues should not become a hunt for positive recommendations used for the annual performance review.

Moreover, we spent the day learning about other Data driven business. We discussed how artificial intelligence could save the cyber security, how the client is the creator of a digital relationship, and how the work-life balance was going to adapt to modern life. 

It was an interesting day, full of great talks and interesting discussion. We can't wait for the next session!

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