We are proud to announce that our partner Wingo is the first Telco introducing DIS, the Digital Identification Solution provided by Swisscom.

By law, telecommunication companies are required to store an ID copy of their customers. With DIS, a customer can within few minutes prove his identity with a smartphone or PC without the hassle of being at home when the postman delivers the SIM or going to the nearest post office to get identified.

For Wingo the launch marks an important step into offering an improved digital experience and increased client's satisfaction. OpenWT is pleased to have supported Wingo going digital in the area of online authentication. No paper exchange is needed anymore as the checkout processes integrates the Digital Identification Service (DIS) of Swisscom. This implies a strong cost reduction, simplification of checkout process and speed up the overall process.

OpenWT is pleased to have supported Wingo, M-Budget and CoopMobile Go Digital in the area of online authentication.

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