Thursday 3pm: Attention, Ready, Steady, Games! More than 3,400 employees played, laughed, danced and celebrated in Tenero at the occasion of the 2019 Swisscom Games.

The offer left no unfulfilled wish: 51 activities divided into #wintogether - for all those who love competition, #movetogether - for all those who like to test new products and #growtogether - for all those who want to act in favour of the environment and sustainable development. Yes, at this year's Games, there was something for everyone. 

Swisscom Games

"Night Fever" and MF Robots' 1980s hits set the mood in the audience on Friday evening in the Piazza. But the London group wasn't the only one to get the crowd dancing, as the Buskers, Walking Acts and DJs also did their show on the beach, in the Piazza and at the outdoor brewery.

Having a beer for the team

It was an amazing time and of course, we were all curious to know if there be another session of the Swisscom Games. Urs' answer: "YES!" All we have to say now is: We are delighted and looking forward to the next edition of the Swisscom Games in two years' time!


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