Talal, senior TTL at OpenWT, went to visit our colleagues in Vietnam this week!

We opened our development focused office in Da Nang, Vietnam in 2014 to better support the needs of our client. Today, we have over 20 colleagues working there and collaborating with our teams in Switzerland. 

Colleagues working in Vietnam offshore office

To strengthen the links between our different teams, colleagues from Switzerland often have the opportunity to visit the off-shore office, and vice versa. This week, our colleague Talal is visiting Da Nang. As much as getting to know the people he remotely works with, he had the chance to discover a new country and new culture. 

da nang Switzerland collaboration development

Visiting Da Nang is always a great opportunity, to work better together as well as discover new things. We always to go there, and we can't wait to have a visit in Geneva soon! Learn more about our team and how we all work together here

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