Ah summer... the heat, the holidays, the BBQs, the heat... At OpenWT, we are very much enjoying summer 2019! Indeed, in July we organized two events to combat the heat wave: a surfing session in the middle of Zurich and a LAN party in the middle of our air conditioned offices in Geneva!

Last Thursday after work, the complete Zurich team gathered at Urban Surf Zürich for a very fun lesson: we learned to surf on an artificial wave! It was way harder than the digital wave we're used to, but some of us got the hang out of it, and did very good. 

Surfing in the city centre

After spending so much time burning calories, we treated ourselves to a nice cold beer and good diner. This gave us the chance to catch up between colleagues and to discuss surfing tricks, holiday destination and our next big projects coming up. It was a great evening!

Meanwhile in Geneva, the team enjoyed a different kind of night: a LAN party. Conference rooms were transformed into gaming rooms and the competition was ON and it was intense! After challenging ourselves and our colleagues on rainbow races and Niagara Falls backgrounded fights, we enjoyed pizzas and cold beers: a good way to spend some more quality time as a team! 

Developers and UX designers playing Switch

Just as our every day work, those two events were a perfect mix of challenges, quick thinking and adaption. It also helped us grow stronger as a team, and we can't wait for the next events! 

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