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We help our Clients leverage new technologies to reshape their business, invent new products or transform their organisation, in search of growth opportunities and cost optimization.

Digital transformation is at the core of what we do. Today adopting digital technologies to improve services or product delivery has become a must in most companies. Without the required competencies and approach, this process may however pose major challenges to many organisations. At Open Web Technology, we offer our clients engaging and personalized consulting and development services. We promote consistent customer experience across both new and traditional channels - including web, mobile, TV, call centers, and physical stores. Our long lasting expertise in this domain enable us to help our clients by designing and deploying disruptive IT solutions.

Open Web Technology covers a unique position between management consulting, where we support you in the definition of tailored digital strategies, and system integration, where we focus on the IT solutions set-up, development and deployment. We aim to become the bridge between the business strategy and the new technologies. We are here to demystify technology and make it accessible for our clients and their organisations, from senior management to operational teams.

We demystify technology, help you identify risks and opportunities, then deploy the most suitable solutions for your business through a progressive and adaptive process.

The way we work

Working closely with our clients, we start structuring and defining a custom digital strategy: we outline the vision, specify priorities, and build pragmatic roadmaps. And we do not stop at well-tuned presentations: we also roll up our sleeves and gather the required skills to build the right momentum and work together with our client’s team. We step up to the unpredictable challenges in order to succeed in your transformation.

With 15 years of experience we know what it takes to successfully deliver innovative IT solutions:

  • We typically create a small team of fully dedicated consultants for each project, acting like a mini start-up and including business and IT skills.
  • Working step-by-step, we start with defining clearly our clients vision and ambitions on how the company should change.
  • We set limited scopes as our aim is to deliver tangible results. Recalibrating ambitious visions based on a realistic assessment of what the business can do helps us to move on quickly and focused.
  • We implement defined IT solutions and test them with user panels to learn what works well and what does not. Then we move to the next iteration and grow from there.
  • Working this way, the go-to-market cycle which traditionally takes more than one year, can be easily reduced to a maximum of 3 to 6 months.

High goals require pragmatic plans. Open Web Technology is your partner to create a detailed and customized digital transformation strategy that will produce the result you are looking for.


Diverse and
Talented Team

Open Web Technology is composed of a group of seasoned consultants and high-tech entrepreneurs surrounded by a team of young professionals, all graduated from leading institutes of technology in Switzerland and the rest of Europe. We pride ourselves on our distinct ability to combine senior expertise with fresh know-how. We love to innovate and are passionate about new technologies. We are constantly looking for new trends and can carefully distinguish between real innovation and short-lived buzz.

Strategy and
IT Development

We are obsessed about making sure that user experience is at the center of all decisions. We know that providing a simple, enriching and consistent experience across all channels is key for success. Our team understands how to transform client requests into reality.

with Global Reach

Our offices are in Geneva, Zürich and Lausanne. Our consultants are working across all over Europe and the world, depending on where our clients need us to design and deploy their digital and multichannel solutions.