As part of our Digital Transformation Consulting services, the Blueprint is part of our secret sauce. It is a proven method for creating the best possible starting point for software development projects. The focus is on the end user, so that the solution also meets their needs.

You have decided to digitize a business process or customer interaction with a software solution. Congratulations! You have taken an important step on the road to digitization. However, you've probably heard of software development projects that took months, if not years, and ultimately failed to meet the needs of the customers or users (or "users").
To ensure that a software solution meets the needs of the users, OpenWT uses the agile "Blueprint" methodology. In doing so, we follow a proven, iterative and user-centric approach to designing the taylor made digital solution.

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Blueprint Methodology

A Blueprint project consists of three cyclical phases and typically lasts between five and eight weeks.

Understanding: In the first step, our team puts itself in the shoes of the user to understand their needs, which are to be met by the digital solution. Here, we also always consider the business benefits for you as our client.
Design: The next step is to take a design and functional perspective to iteratively shape and design the user experience (or "UX") with you. This is always done to ensure that the UX is also technically implementable within a useful deadline.
Realize: Finally, the implementation of the solution is estimated and planned based on functional and technical specifications as well as budgetary constraints.

This approach ensures that at the end of a Blueprint project you receive a detailed concept that captures the exact needs and provides delivery objects based on them in preparation for development: Personas, User Journey, Functional and Technical Specifications, Wireframes, Architecture, Design Proposal (Mockups) and the High Level Business Case.

You are now able to start the development project of your digital solution and implement it both efficiently and effectively.