Transforming your business with Artificial Intelligence


Today, AI already plays a key role in our daily lives. It has been proved capable of introducing new sources of growth, changing how work is done and helping you to better serve your customer. The challenge is how to achieve the integration of AI in your business. This is what we take care of at Open Web Technology. Together with Swisscom, we have developed a unique set of capabilities allowing us to support you along your Artificial Intelligence journey. Our goal is to make sure that by the end of this journey, AI will have the desired impact and reinforce the role of your people by enabling them to focus on quality services, decision-making and innovation.

Business fields

Artificial intelligence is clearly a game-changer when it comes to creating new business opportunities. The scope of its applications is not limited to a certain type of industry. From manufacturing to hospitality there are countless examples showing how AI can drive significant growth. Our know-how guides you in the following specific industries.

Our service offering

Open Web Technology provides you both with the necessary skills and people to make sure your Artificial Intelligence journey is successful. From the identification of the transformational opportunities to the actual implementation, we are here to guide and support you at every stage of your project.

Our solution is unique since we are providing high performance AI-enablers from Swisscom. Thanks to the standardized interfaces, these AI enablers make the success of your project even faster and easier.


Indexing your data makes it easy and quick to search.

Entity Recognition

Identification of people, addresses, cities, entreprises or products.

Topic Recognition

Identification of a topic within specific content, followed by consolidation and clustering.

Keyword Analysis

Analysis of frequency of words based on their meaning.


Full compliance with data security due to anonymized analysis of personal data.

Sentiment Analysis

Analysis and identification of content is positive, negative or neutral.

Trend Detection

Auto-generated notifications in case of statifiscal trends are detected.

Speech to Text

Speech to text translation for further processing using our AI enablers.


Auto-generation of summarized reports.

Language Identification

Identifies the language in your data and documents.


Categorizes content (e.g. of e-mails and contracts).

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