For decades, Artificial intelligence (AI) has been depicted in science fiction movies and Hollywood blockbusters as evil robots or uncontrollable super-computers promising to take over the world.

Today, AI is neither frightening, nor in the distant future as it already plays a key role in our daily lives. Digital assistants such as Siri are now accessible to a large customer base as they are shipped together with smartphones. Also in the enterprise world AI technologies have received tremendous attention from the media for their disruptive potential.

However, the topic of AI remains largely incomprehensible for most people, as it relates to complex subjects such as algorithms, statistics or even linguistics and is accompanied by fuzzy buzzwords such as deep learning and neural networks.

The Challenge

Artificial Intelligence is a promising toolbox to solve complex digital challenges that require human-like behavior to operate at scale. However, designing and operating such a solution remains a challenge for most organizations and many digital leaders struggle to identify how to leverage this new digital trend to improve their processes, understand their customers or create new business models.

Building and running an AI team is a first crucial step in leveraging this technology: diverse profiles such as data analysts, UX designers, and even cloud platform architects must collaborate to tackle new technical and business issues. The next challenge is the design of an AI solution, including the identification of relevant use-cases, selection of the right frameworks and data sources as well as the industrialization of the infrastructure. This process can be iterative as well as time-consuming. Furthermore, teams need to be coached during this transition, as AI will profoundly change operational processes and may lead to a new allocation of tasks between human beings and machines.

Building and running an AI team is a first crucial step in leveraging this technology

The Opportunities

During the last few months, OpenWT together with Swisscom has developed a unique set of capabilities based on text analysis to kick-start the Artificial Intelligence journey. This solution makes it possible, within only a few months and with the help of our consultants, to make use of AI technology in order to gain insights from large amounts of data and act upon them.

There are countless applications of AI technology in industries ranging from manufacturing to hospitality. The following use cases highlight concrete examples where our solution can come into play:

Artificial Intelligence: Voice - Open Web Technology

Voice of the Customer

Real-time analysis of customer feedbacks from different data sources, automated alerts (negative comments on a product or service). Intuitive analysis (e.g. for product managers to improve products) or predictive workforce planning in call centers

Artificial Intelligence: HR - Open Web Technology

Human Resources

Analysis of comments about employers in a variety of data sources (e.g. intranet, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, kununu etc.)

Artificial Intelligence: Market - Open Web Technology

Market Intelligence

Automated analysis of new market reports (e.g. new laws), followed by classification of relevance and automated alerts or summarized reports

Artificial Intelligence: Production - Open Web Technology

Industry 4.0 & Production

Automated analysis of machine data e.g. to validate product performance or to enable predictive maintenance

Artificial Intelligence: Customer service - Open Web Technology

Call Center & Customer Service

Automated analysis of human-driven chat history in order to improve training of an automated chat (chatbot)

Artificial Intelligence: Media - Open Web Technology


Automated analysis and structuring of content, combination with relevant previously published content

As highlighted by these examples, the adoption of AI solutions leads to greater efficiency, due to operation at scale with faster and more consistent outcomes compared to humans or using traditional approaches.

Our Solution

With our AI-Enabler framework, you can immediately benefit from the following key frameworks:

  • Entity Recognition: Identification of people, addresses, cities, objects, enterprises or products within your data
  • Topic Recognition: Identification of topics in your data, including consolidation and clustering
  • Sentiment Analysis: Analysis and identification of data to understand whether the content (e.g. opinions) is positive, negative, or neutral
  • Keyword Analysis: Analysis and identification of important topics in your data, which can be used for searching, to index data or to generate tag clouds.
  • Anonymization: Full compliance with data security due to anonymized analysis of personal data
  • Summarization: Auto-generation of summarized reports
  • Trend Detection: Auto-generated notifications/alarms in case statistical trends are detected

Artificial Intelligence: Enabler Framework - Open Web Technology

We believe our solution is unique in the market, as it covers following main points:

  1. Swiss Software-as-a-Service Solution (SaaS) and high performance infrastructure: We offer our AI-Enabler as a SaaS solution, upon request hosted in the Swisscom Cloud.
  2. Artificial Intelligence based on text analysis: Predefined enablers such as Entity Recognition, Topic Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Summarization, Anonymization, Trend Detection, Key Word Analysis etc.
  3. Easy to use: No Artificial Intelligence knowledge is required. We help you to master all major challenges.
  4. Customized: Our solution is scalable and flexible to cope with almost any specific requirement you may have.
  5. Ready for Production: Our experts will help you integrate your data and improve the learning models in order to launch your solution within only three months!

We are here to support you

Implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions is a major challenge for many companies, since they often lack the required know-how and skills. Therefore, we are here to support you along your Artificial Intelligence journey. We are able to provide you with both the necessary skills and people as well as with our high performance infrastructure and AI-enablers.

Artificial Intelligence: Skills and Infrastructure - Open Web Technology

Our experts will guide you through the complexity of this new challenge and define the appropriate strategy for AI adoption in your industry. We will help you get started on your first project involving AI technologies and accompany you to scale globally.

If you want to learn more about our artificial intelligence offering, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.