Our client, a leader in the security solutions industry, was eager to integrate its multiple subsidiaries through the same Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP SAP). Many of the subsidiaries had their own ERP system and much simpler business needs than the headquarters operations. Hence our client faced an important challenge: how to integrate all subsidiaries into SAP through a system that is intuitive, easy to use, fast to deploy and flexible?


Open Web Technology, in collaboration with the client, defined three main work streams in order to reach this goal

1. Service Building

We visited the client’s subsidiaries to analyze their services and business processes. With this information, our team defined a core set of business processes and practices that would be shared among all subsidiaries. In addition, we created a simple and intuitive UX experience that would guide users in their daily tasks.

2. Capability Building

Not only were we in charge of providing the right technical solution and project governance but also of helping the client build these capabilities internally. To reduce maintenance costs and accelerate development time, we designed a completely automated development pipeline, enabling teams to release and test applications with a click of a button. Furthermore, our team provided the necessary coaching to orchestrate all activities using Kanban as agile project management methodology.

3. Implementation

After careful analysis of the project needs, industry trends and the client’s skill set, our team decided to build the solution on a robust web framework, AngularJS, that would integrate with the SAP back-end system.


In a few months, our client has achieved a solution that supports the business through a very simple and intuitive web interface, while consolidating all results in SAP. They will save cost in training and deployment, as well as accelerate the provisioning of the solution for other subsidiaries. In addition, their software development teams are now equipped with the necessary skills and capabilities to create state of the art web applications.