With the objective to significantly increase traffic and sales on their e-commerce channels, our Client, a major Swiss retailer selling cell phone subscriptions, approached us to help them streamline their online sales funnel with a particular attention on the checkout process which had proved to be convoluted and confusing for users.


In a first step, our team of experts mapped out the existing user journeys and benchmarked them against Industry leaders:

  • The customer needed to take 10 steps between pushing the order button and receiving the final confirmation of his/her order.
  • Being forced to leave the retailer’s site and being pushed to a third party’s website (the mobile operator) was very confusing for the customers. In addition to that, existing customers had to go through an unnecessary login procedure, causing many to abandon their order.
  • When comparing our Client’s offering to the competition, it became clear that the Client’s offerings was very simple, allowing for a limited number of options to customize their calling plans. Simplicity and straight-forwardness being part of their value proposition, the user journey should reflect this as well, making it a key-differentiator in the market.

Following this exercise, Open Web Technology proposed a simplified user journey reducing the sales funnel from 10 down to 3 steps.

One of our main strengths being the close collaboration between our client, user experience and development teams, we could immediately start implementing and rolling-out our recommendations, one step at a time. The new sales funnel was not only considerably simpler and intuitive, but its user interface was also compatible with any screen sizes, web, mobile and tablets.


After only two months, our Client was able to deploy a completely overhauled version of their sales funnel, fully branded and optimized for mobile and desktop devices. The user journey was shortened by a third, the user experience was updated according to the latest usability standards and the interface was redesigned to be fully responsive, making it easy for users to navigate no matter their device or level of experience purchasing online.

Results were immediately tangible: since launch, our Client could already witness an increase of 100% of their conversion rate.