Having launched a social network for independent asset managers several years ago, our Client, a major Bank, approached Open Web Technology to define with them available options to accelerate their digital transformation. The social network had proven to be a success and our Client was motivated to bring this asset to the next level of innovation. In this context, Open Web Technology’s mission was two-fold: (i) to assess the social network’s growth potential and (ii) to define an overall digital transformation roadmap.


Open Web Technology followed a 4-step approach:

  • Clarify and quantify the target market and geographies
  • Determine a clear value proposition for the platform and identify new services to be enhanced/developed, step by step
  • Quantify the business plan for different geographies and services
  • Suggest the (most suited) organizational structure to accelerate time-to-market of new services and bring closer IT and business competencies


By providing an external perspective, Open Web Technology was able to crystallize the role of the social media platform in our Clients' overall digital strategy including the impact on the organizational structure. The next challenge is to execute the defined roadmap that proposes to launch up to 50 new innovative digital services in selected geographies.