Our client, one of the largest private clinics network in Switzerland, had been investing heavily on its digital transformation, ranging from new tools to manage billing processes to the implementation of a new centralized CRM system.

Their latest initiative was to develop and roll-out an internal tablet application for employees. This app would simplify onboarding of new joiners to the company, giving them information about the various clinics, as well as about their guidelines. On the long run, the goal was to use this as an intranet portal.

Open Web Technology was approached to define a concept, implement the application and roll it out within the clinic.


A first prototype of the tablet application had been designed by the client. OpenWT’s approach was to first review the prototype and adapt it to comply with the best practices of tablet and mobile development in order to ensure a high-quality user experience. We, therefore, re-designed some of the elements proposed as well as reviewed and updated the navigation of the application.

In under 2 weeks, we were able to provide both functional and technical specifications including all templates necessary to successfully deliver the final product.

Following this specification phase, we entered a development phase with weekly sprints to rapidly deliver the first features and pages. This allowed us to work rapidly while permitting our client to continuously review and provide feedback on the work being done, as well as start preparing the content that would be included in the final version of the platform.



In only a few months and with positive involvement of our client in the development phase, we were able to deliver the first version of their new internal employee portal, which is now ready to receive the content necessary for the roll-out.

The technical choices made to build this portal will allow our client to continue developing the platform to reach their long-term objective of having a central point of access for all employees to view all information relative to their company.

We are confident that this portal will be widely adopted by employees and will allow them to both stay informed of the latest news, events and publications, as well as access their personal data.