OpenWT supported Wingo SA, the new online telecom operator in Switzerland, to carry out the launch of M-Budget’s new responsive e-commerce platform. The new eShop and sales funnel give M-Budget the possibility to sell its mobile offerings and new home bundle products on all devices with a simplified and fresh look.

M-Budget responsive website correctly displays in all screen sizes

M-Budget offers high quality solutions in the telecommunications field at attractive prices. The brand is managed and commercialized by Wingo SA, a subsidiary brand of Swisscom. Since 2012, OpenWT has been a key business partner of Wingo SA by supporting the development of the company and its products along with its online and offline selling channels.


In order to increase M-Budget sales, Wingo decided in 2015 to revitalize the M-Budget e-commerce platform by giving it a new, fresh and modern look. OpenWT was asked to accompany Wingo SA in delivering the project. 


Following an agile approach, OpenWT worked in close collaboration with the client's business and technical teams. 

During the first phase of the project, workshops and group discussions were organized between the different company divisions. A core challenge was to gather everyone’s needs in term of functionalities, business and technical requirements.

In a second phase, OpenWT collected and analyzed users’ needs. The results allowed OpenWT`s user experience team to provide different eShop layouts and to elaborated the new sales funnel process. 

The final and most important phase consisted of a 3 month integration and development phase. A strong daily collaboration between OpenWT and the client facilitated the exchange of information, as well as the integration of the received feedback into the development process.

The e-commerce platform was successfully launched on time. Additionaly, a large online and offline national marketing campaign backed up the introduction of M-Budget‘s responsive website.


The expertise of OpenWT towards its client’s vision has been a key element in the success of the new e-commerce platform. The result was a clear and defined strategy ensuring an optimal launch of the new M-Budget online service offering.

The deployment of this new e-commerce platform has only been possible due to the ability to put in place a hybrid team (of OpenWT and Wingo members) composed of experts in consulting, project management, UX design, development and subject matter. The project team always kept in sight the goal, while being flexible enough to know when and how to adapt.

We believe that Wingo is on track to give its over 700’000 M-Budget clients an appropriate website user experience. OpenWT will continue collaborating with Wingo to unlock its commercial potential and will support the ambitious objectives in the future, to become best-in-class in the telecommunication market.