With the establishment of a digital incubator responsible for the development of digital prototypes and pilot solutions, our Client, a leading Swiss medical technology manufacturer, had taken an important step towards its digital transformation.

After the delivery of the first digital pilot solutions, our client realized it was necessary to rethink their digital organization and governance of its incubator, in order to avoid the challenges that emerged during the handover of these solutions to the commercial development team.

With this goal in mind, Open Web Technology was asked to provide an independent and external view in the creation of an optimized digital organization and governance for our Client's global organization.


The team of Open Web Technology, together with the project sponsor, defined a three-step approach to accomplish the mission.

  1. Interviews
    In a first step, our team planned, implemented and evaluated interviews with important stakeholders to find out more about the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s current digital organization and governance structures. The interviews were also used to elicit and consolidate existing solution ideas of the client and to test our own solution ideas.  
  2. Workshop 
    Using the information gathered in the previous step, our team, in close cooperation with the project sponsor, was able to generate a concept of an optimized digital organization and governance. Within a full-day workshop, our team then presented the outcome of the interviews and the concept to the project members. In the subsequent workshop discussion, first agreements about the next-step recommendations were reached. The discussion also revealed areas of further investigation. 
  3. Management presentation
    In a third step, our team, together with the project sponsor and other key project members, presented the results of the interviews and workshop to the client’s management board. The presentation not only resulted in the acknowledgment of the benefits of the proposed new digital organization and governance but also in the definition of the next steps towards its realization.


In only a few weeks, Open Web Technology successfully generated a concept of an optimized digital organization and governance for a multi-national company.

Based on this concept, our client will be able to implement a solution that eases the scaling of prototyped digital solutions to commercially available ones significantly.