Our client – a global insurance company – is currently launching multi-channel products across geographies. The head of digital business asked Open Web Technology to help him find a way to reduce the resource overhead between these initiatives while keeping high local responsiveness.


We set up a community regrouping digital transformation experts in charge of the different local initiatives. Monthly calls as well as biannual workshops were organized to support discussions and knowledge transfer. The agenda and aims of the community were defined with all the participants and refined each month to ensure useful discussions for everybody.


During the past few months, our community produced various valuable outputs: It helped branches identify if other countries already solved the problems they are currently facing and led to useful knowledge transfers and bilateral cooperation It defined a set of multi-access definitions and golden rules approved by all the participants which will serve as guidelines for newcomers It generated best practices documents showing how high performers designed and implemented efficient solutions It gave an overview of local multi-access initiatives status to the headquarter management team It showed which solutions and tools are broadly used across geographies and can potentially be mutualized The community, still active today, continues to support exchanges and discussions between the different stakeholders and will soon welcome its first participant from the emerging markets.