We attended the Digital Design Days in Geneva. A 3 days event gathering some of the greatest creative minds from all over the world (Uber, Google, P&G, Pepsico, Nestlé...). Through numerous keynotes and workshops, we kept us up to date about the latest Digital Design trends and what will be coming next.

A big subject was AR/VR. Coming back from the hype, this technology is ready and not a toy anymore. We are now trying to figure out how to use it in meaningful ways. The role of Digital Design will be to bring the quality of interactions requested by customers. Meanwhile, researchers are working on new kinds of sensors to fill the gap between what a computer can currently detect and what a human can sense. On our side, we worked with Swisscom and SBB to improve tunnel maintenance using Microsoft Hololens, you can take a look at our case.

Augmented and virtual reality

Rupert Breheny from Google leading a panel discussion about AR and VR

Digital Design has also a promising future with Artificial Intelligence. Computers are already better than us in a lot of areas, but they still work better with human collaboration. It is an ocean of new interactions we have to define and design the best way to allow AI to positively impact the world. A big work is also in progress in AI/Data visualization, making them look like living organisms, allowing us to find new meanings just by looking at them.

Data and artificial intelligence

Burton Rast talking about how his willingness to work at people's service led him to work at Google

During the event, P&G explained that when it comes to User Interface, simplification is always the way to go. Indeed, cognitive science taught us that the human brain can only memorize very simple versions of everything. This is a good thing considering that keeping consistency among digital tools is a big challenge for every brand. Thankfully, there are new ways of doing it like Design Systems which gather every design rules and principles, a tool that every brand should consider using in a near future.

Design systems

Che Douglas from The Wall Street Journal showing their journey through consistency

Successful design companies are driven by passion, we clearly saw that in every speaker. At Open Web Technology we also have this passion for Digital. We think that Digital Design is the magic happening between people and technology, a relationship requesting trust and acceptance. Design is everywhere, forever, in a world of growing interactions and we are so glad to be a part of this. 


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