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The rapid changing healthcare landscape brings opportunities, the customer experience is changing.

Never before have so many technologies with the potential to affect the healthcare industry matured so quickly, not just to improve patient outcomes, but also to significantly reduce costs and capture new value. Our client, a leading group of Swiss private clinics, realized that digital technologies had the potential to improve both productivity and quality of care. They commissioned Open Web Technology to digitalize and optimize the invoicing process of the clinics.

A faster process, paperless and error-poof

We helped our Client build a complete and flexible invoicing solution using a four steps approach. We analyzed, defined, developed and rolled-out a web-based solution allowing bedside invoicing of patients.
Nurses and caregivers have tablets at their disposal to record every item or drug used on a patient as soon as a care is provided. The solution offers the possibility to create care packages with all items and drugs used for a given care, allowing them to save precious time and optimize their presence with patients.
Our agile approach and the modularity of the solution have eased the addition of new features over time, such as a chatbot to handle support requests or a module to monitor nosocomial infections.

A tailor-made solution to improve productivity and help medical staff in the invoicing process. The implementation of this solution involved all stakeholders in our company and overcame a real change management challenge.

Chief of Communication & Innovation Officer

Iterative Journey

  • Analysis of existing processes
  • Definition of the new digital processes 
  • Specification and development of the solution 
  • Roll-out and user training in several clinics and care units
  • Continuous improvement process though support and change management

Patient search
Care administration and validation
Support chatbot
Patient search

Browse through the list of all patients in a clinic and care unit

Clinics are split into several care units based on their area of specialization, each having their own nurse teams. To fit the business processes of clinics, the solution has been designed to manage multiple care units with each their own patients. They can also be found using a manual search by name or patient number.

Reduction of paper use


Reduction of paper use

FTE free-up due to streamlined processes


FTE free-up due to streamlined processes

Patients invoiced


Patients invoiced

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